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In Our Best World Children Come First!

Jeanie Bugert Hayward has been a tremendous support to The Mareda Center (TMC) and the children and families we serve. A quality education experience and academic support for children living in poverty has been Jeanie’s passion, her life’s work. The Children First Fund honoring Jeanie Bugert Hayward specifically supports TMC programs that enrich the lives of elementary children--our summer and scholarship programs, and our programs for parents and early learners.

Reflecting on our past eight years, we realize the amazing contributions Jeanie has made to the Center, our children and their families. Perhaps most significant for our children and families was Jeanie's inaugural (and now annual) contribution to allows TMC to host amazing summer experiences. Thanks to Jeanie's vision, TMC has been able to offer robust summer experiences both on site and with a variety of summer partners. Thanks to Jeanie, hundreds of children have had unique summer enrichment experiences. For many, it has provided them with their first boating experience, their first fishing experience, their first archery and hiking experiences and so much more!

Children learn a lot in a classroom setting but in the great outdoors during long summer months, learning opportunities abound! Thanks to summer enrichment, children have learned not only about interacting with and trusting others, but they grow in their understanding and belief in themselves. Thanks to Jeanie and you, enrichment experiences supported through the Children First Fund allows an important learning opportunity to continue!