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TMC Celebrates 8 Years!

On a snowy day in February, 2013, The Mareda Center opened its doors to residents of Moody and Regina Manors. Good food, information about programs, give aways, and lots and lots of kids come to mind as I fondly recall that day. It was weather much like we have had this month. Cold, blowy and snowy...and yet so many children and families came to meet us, their new neighbor!

Thanks to our donors, a great team, and many, many friends, we have weathered "storms", lived through a pandemic, and remain dedicated to our mission of creating life changing opportunities through education. Now, this mission is more critical than ever! The pandemic has hit students living in poverty especially hard. That's why TMC opened its doors to support families during virtual learning and continue with extended learning opportunities. TMC will continue to be a vigilant warrior supporting children and their education. Will you help?